3 Ways to Avoid Cracked Heels This Summer

Posted in Podiatry, Uncategorized on March 25, 2018

Have You Ever wondered How to Avoid Cracked Heels?

Cracked Heels. 

I think you'll agree with me that there is nothing worse that arriving at the beach and noticing that your heels are dry and cracking.

Not only do they look unsightly, they can cause other problems, even a nasty infection!

Below we've put together a list of the top 3 actions you can take to help minimise your dry and cracked heels over the hot Australian summer:

  1. Avoid open heeled footwear if you can. Obviously this is not practical when it is 40 degrees outside but wear enclosed shoes and socks where possible to avoid your feet drying out.
  2. Keep callous/hard skin to a minimum. This can be done by gently filing it yourself with a pumice stone/emery board. There are a variety of different foot files available from pharmacys, stick to one that looks like stone or sandpaper and avoid anything metal that looks like a cheese grater. These tend to cause more problems than good. If you are having difficulty filing the hard skin yourself, make an appointment and we can remove it for you.
  3. MOISTURISE! MOISTURISE! MOISTURISE! The softer and more moisturised your skin is the less likely it is to split or crack open. Sorbaline is a great basic option but if your feet are excessively dry or you have alot of hard skin try either Eulactol, Enovia or Calmurid.

There you have it, three way simple ways to avoid cracked heels this summer!

But, what happens if you already have cracked heels?

How to Fix Cracked Heels?

The  go to treatment for most people when they want to fix their cracked heels is to go for a moisturiser (which we mentioned is a great way to actually prevent getting cracked heels in the first place). Moisturiser, as the name suggests, when applied to your skin adds moisture to your dry heel skin. This helps allow the skin to repair.

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