Arch Pain

Posted on November 2, 2020


How is Arch Pain caused?

Arch Pain massaged by PodiatristArch pain can be caused by a variety of different factors and can originate from different structures within the foot. Therefore when diagnosing it is important to determine which structure is the source of the pain and what factors have contributed to the injury. This will allow for the most accurate solutions to reduce symptons of Arch Pain.

Arch pain is commonly felt when wearing flat or unsupportive footwear, particularly if you have a foot that tends to pronate or roll in.

Reduced support from footwear increases the stresses on the structures within the foot, often overloading them and causing pain.

Arch pain can present as an aching or sharp pain and is often aggravated by activity.

What can you do about Arch Pain?

Initially you can try wearing supportive footwear and rolling the foot over a frozen drink bottle which may help to settle or resolve the pain.

If pain persists Leah can appropriately assess your feet, footwear and any other factors which may be contributing to your pain, to ensure a rapid recovery.



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