Avoid Foot Torture This Spring Racing Carnival!

Posted in Podiatry, Uncategorized on December 11, 2012

Unfortunately, you see it every year. Girls walking out of the races, after a long hard day of standing up in bad shoes, barefoot with shoes in hand.

Not only is this dangerous, with the potential for injury from standing on broken glass, it's not a good look!

To help avoid sore feet at the races, I have created my Spring Carnival "Foot Survival Guide".

My guide can be viewed at - http://pivotalpodiatry.com.au/melbourne-spring-carnival-foot-survival-guide

“A day at the races shouldn't mean you have to suffer from sore feet,” says Leah Waters, the Melbourne Podiatrist who wrote the "Spring Carnival Foot Survival Guide" to help women prepare their feet for the spring racing carnival.

The "Spring Racing Carnival Foot Survival Guide” includes information on:

  • Shoes - the most comfortable types, different materials for different weather and brand choices
  • Prevention and Foot Care - take gel cushion cushions and padding, treat feet and toenails in the days leading up to the races
  • What To Do At Races - know what to do when disaster strikes!

The guide shows that many women at the races suffer from sore feet from poor choice of shoes, limited foot preparation or the exhauserbation of pre-existing foot conditions - they have left un treated.

After reading the Spring Carnival Foot Survival Guide,  race goers can “save themselves the embarrassment of walking around barefoot and allow them to enjoy the day more… by being in comfort,” says the podiatrist, who wrote the guide after being frequently asked by people what shoes they should wear to the races, to avoid foot problems.

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