Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses 2020

Posted in Podiatry on November 1, 2020

best tennis shoes for nursesYou love doing your nursing job.

Helping care for people's health is a very rewarding and satisfying job, but nursing requires endless hours of work spent on your feet, often running from patient to patient.

This is why sleeping medical staff photos, caught napping on unexpected hospital places are going viral on internet these days.

You are human not a machine after all.

I know your shifts are long, busy and exhausting - so how do you do it?

Perhaps you’ve found the right shoe that carries you through your on your feet days in comfort.

Did you know between 75% and 80% of the adult population have some form of foot problem?

In this point, it is very important to chose best shoes for your overall health. Not every nurse takes the best care of their feet.

The wrong selection of shoes can cause all sorts of heatlh problems including (but not limited to!):

  • back pain;
  • heel pain; 
  • knee pain; 
  • athlete’s foot; 
  • plantar fasciitis; 
  • bunions; 
  • shin splints; 
  • hammer toes; 
  • ingrown nails; 
  • metatarsalgia; and 
  • heel spurs etc.

But don't be scared, we're going to find you the best tennis shoes that nurses can wear to help get the job done!

Our Guide to Buying the Best Tennis Shoes for Female Nurses

You have been told that choosing the right shoe has been a difficult job, commonly because of the wide range of options available in market.

Remember you should always check with your hospital's dress policy prior to purchasing new shoes. If you're not sure what the policy is, check with your human resources department.

So, let's take a look at all the best nurse shoes we have found for you to perform your job comfortably. In order to make it easier for you to find the right nursing shoes for your requirements we’ve narrowed down the top ten nursing shoes in this article.

Top 10 Tennis Shoes for Nurses (Female)

  • #1 - Xelero Women's Matrix Leather Adjustable Strap Sneaker
  • #2- Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Women's Tennis Shoes
  • #3 - Skechers OG 78 - IT'S A WRAP! (BEST VALUE BUY)
  • #4 - Head Women's Sprint Pro Court Shoe
  • #5 - Dr. Comfort Spirit-X Women's Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe Leather-and-Mesh Velcro
  • #6 - Adidas Performance Women's Asmc Barricade Tennis Shoe
  • #7 - PUMA Womens Mostro
  • #8 - New Balance Women's WC696v3 Tennis Shoe
  • #9 - ASICS Women's GEL Court Bella Tennis Shoe
  • #10 - Reebok Women's Work 'N Cushion KC 2.0

1.     Xelero Women's Matrix Leather Adjustable Strap Sneaker

If you are looking for a sneaker that is comfortable, easy to clean and wear, this is the shoe for you. Adjustable straps will save you some time in the mornings while you rush to work as well as they will prevent any shoelace related accidents.

With its active look and exclusive patented XPS technology, it offers stable and dynamic forward motion while walking. Reduce forefoot pressure, especially under the big toe and metarsals.The Xelero EVA midsole structure gives impact absorption and stable heel to toe transformation. It provides the hard-working nurse with the benefit of both comfort and style. The small lug outsole makes this sneaker excellent for walking on hospital corridors. You can adjust strap closures. Sorbtek technology inner textile puts an end to moisture problems. Increase normal walking pace while not losing your sense of balance. Relieves overuse symptoms including Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, & Hammer Toe.

It is also A5500 Medicare approved.

Cons: High heels, brogue design.

Price: $179.95

View on Amazon:

2. Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Women's Tennis Shoes

The NikeCourt Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour women's tennis shoe holds to your foot for a locked-down fit and gives super cushioning to meet the demands of your quickest turns and runs at the hospital.

It gives a glove like fit. Keeps you stable but also moving freely during quick turns, this shoe wraps your midfoot from the top to the arch. Additionally,extra-durable rubber on the heel and forefoot increases durability. Mesh upper with textile lining for breathability.

A Zoom Air technology unit in the heel offers bouncy cushioning throughout your day.Padded collar gives extra good feeling. Additional balance for tip and medial side. Outsole wraps up on the toe for added protection.

You can pick yours up find yours on Amazon for the lowest price online.

Cons: Laces, Hard to clean.

Price: $ 105

View on Amazon:

3. Skechers OG 78 - IT'S A WRAP!

This smooth neoprene and leather shoes are slip on, so sporty so vintage jogger sneaker designed.

Stretch fabric front and collar panels for added comfort are perfect for you daily routine, criss crossing instep strap overlays are so practical.

Soft fabric shoe lining are perfect for your toes and Air Cooled Memory Foam cushioned comfort insole is supporting throughout the day. They are very easy to clean also. Apply a protectant such as a water proofer spray to protect the shoes from water and stains before wearing in wet conditions. Use a leather cleaning lotion or spray to clean. Apply a leather lotion or oil periodically to keep the leather supple. You should not machine wash leather shoes. Best of all they are stylish and extra comfortable.

Cons: Since the memory foam insole doesn’t have any particular structure in the arch or heel, these are the best choice for people with no foot issues, who want something fairly neutral.

Price: $60.00

View on Amazon:

4. Head Women's Sprint Pro Court Shoe

The new Head Sprint Pro offers users a sleek, fast action shoe without giving up on fashion. Testers spent many hours on putting this shoe to the test and found it to be comfy and fast. The Sprint Pro is light on weight, outsole is strong and shoe comes with a six-month outsole warranty. There is three-part Trinergy technology, which helps assimilate impact, gives stability and adds energy for rebounding. Overall, testers declared this one to be her new favorite shoe!

Cons: They’re not formal in appearance obviously. The upper is very tight on first few wears, but reviewers said they break in easily. They’re very elasticated, which helps out for that first break-on period. Users found them to be slightly short compared to their other shoes the same size.

Price: $60.00

View on Amazon:

5. Dr. Comfort Spirit-X Women's Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe Leather-and-Mesh Velcro

Comfort and right fit shoes are exactly what the doctor ordered. In these Dr. Comfort shoes, you'll find uniquely stylish orthopedic style that look as great as they feel! These shoes, are designed to keep your feet healthy and happy during your long working hours.

Double depth gives added comfort and accommodation for your feet. Also they are very easy to put on. If you experience swelling feet after long hours of standing up at work, these shoes will comfortably fit at the end of the day. They have wonderful padding that is accommodating but still feels snug. They will be perfect if you have any foot disease like diabetic neuropathy, bunions, hammer toes, arthritis and fibromyalgia etc.

Cons: Poor ventilation in the shoe, feet might get extra hot.

Price: $130

View on Amazon:

6. Adidas Performance Women's Asmc Barricade Tennis Shoe

These shoes are like you, they are one part sporty and one part fashionable. In addition they are designed by Stella McCartney. You do not have to wear ugly shoes under your scrubs. They have features like Adidas Torsion System for midfoot integrity. It has also adiPRENE plus foam cushioning. Shock absorbing technology protects knee and joints. The heel part is quite wide. Very light weight.

Cons: Holey surface gives breathability but comes with a liquid permeability. Might be hard to clean.  Users say they gap at the top near the ankle bone, no matter how tight you tie them

Price: $70.00

View on Amazon:

7. PUMA Womens Mostro

The PUMA W. Evolution Mostro women's shoes have a modern and sleek silhouette, with velcro hook and loop closure, for quick fitting. They feature a ultra lightweight midsole and rubber outsole with shock-absorbing technology. It has breathable textile linings and cushioned footbed for comfort. The build of the shoe is enough to enclose the tops of the feet without feeling very thin. The shoe is very soft on all surfaces of your foot. The design is beautiful and eye catching. Reviewers said they are like walking on a cloud.

Cons: It might be hard to clean. Some customers say footbed is not comfortable as expected.

Price: $110

View on Amazon:

8. New Balance Women's WC696v3 Tennis Shoe

You will always have the comfort with the New Balance 696v3. Nail your day with new design like an updated herringbone outsole that helps increase comfort on hard surfaces, details in the forefoot that allow more ventilation to keep you comfortable and a REVlite midsole for lightweight cushioning so you stay relaxed even as the day heats up. Also there is no stitching in the front toe place and the holes should allow air into your feet.

Cons: Holey surface gives breathability but comes with a liquid permeability.

Price: $63

View on Amazon:

9. ASICS Women's GEL Court Bella Tennis Shoe

The new Asics Gel Court Bella offers maximum lightweight and cushioned performance at a great price. Presenting both Forefoot and Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System and midfoot Trusstic System, giving an excellent mix of comfort and stability. Lightweight leather and air mesh tongue providing soft comfort and breathability. Personal Heel Fit gives memory foam heel collar for comfort and a personalized fit. ASICS uses a patented Gel Cushioning System for delivering shock absorption allowing movement on multiple surfaces.  Including Solyte Midsole fabric giving lightweight cushioning without loss of comfort. Support system stabilizes the foot and improves the normal movement of it. The Extended Trusstic System allows max ground outsole touch and lowers weight while giving responsive support. This shoe has PGuard toe protector also. Very light weight.

Cons: Might be hard to clean, laces might need re-tie during the day. Slightly narrow toe box.

Price: $65

View on Amazon:

10. Reebok Women's Work 'N Cushion KC 2.0

Last, but certainly not least on our top ten best tennis shoes for nurses list is the Reebok Women's Work 'N Cushion KC 2.0. With oil and slip resistant outsole this shoes can be a perfect choice for nurses. An easy closing design makes changes simplier with a pair hook and loop closure that stays at its place all day long. It means no laces to bother you during the day. In addition, slip resistant outsole and long lasting comfort make these sneakers truly hard-working colleagues. Memory foam Reebok shoes are good for those on their feet for a long period of time. The shoes offer all-day comfort and support, and are easy to clean. It is leather so you can wipe out any stains easily. Great price performance ratio too. Designed to be comfortable and stylish Reebok Women’s Work ‘N Cushion KC is available on Amazon.

Cons: Your feet might get warm because of the leather outer. Some users say that shoe is heavy for them.They fit snugly, so they won’t be very accommodating of heavy socks. If you wear heavy socks or use orthotic insoles, reviewers recommended ordering a half-size up.

Price: $52

View on Amazon:

Helping others with their health is difficult if you're suffering from constant foot problems

After a long day of working as a nurse, is all you can think of going home and getting out of your shoes?

This is probably a sign that you should consider buying new nursing shoes.

If you combine online shoe reviews with recommendations from your colleagues and advice from your healthcare center, you will be in a better position to choose a shoe that works well for your needs.

Tennis and athletic shoes have become a perfect choice for healthcare professionals who want to get comfortable shoes without having to wear clogs or classic nursing shoes. This is due to:

  • Nurse shoes has to be generally white, easy to clean;
  • They should have good arch and heel support, breathable footbed that can absorb micro shocks and helps reduce excessive pressure from walking and daily activities;
  • They should be lace-free preferably , because laces can get loosen and make you fall while rushing during the day;
  • Adjustable strap sneakers are the better choice;
  • Nursing shoes should have rubber sole that helps prevent the wearer from slipping on many unpredictable surfaces around the hospital;
  • Slip resistant shoes are good choice for this reason;
  • Nurses shoes should have soft structured breathable mesh for cooling comfort during the working hours;
  • It will be great if they have stretchy toe space instead of the narrow and tight ones;
  • Your toes will be moving while you are running around the hospital so they need enough space. This allows the big toe room to wiggle and accommodates the shape of one’s foot, right down to the pinky toe at the end;
  • Avoid relatively narrow and hard rubber shoes with narrow toe box if you have hallux valgus issues (For example: Adidas Stan Smith or Converse classics).

Other Suggestions When Buying Nurses Shoes

Important information to bear in mind before shopping:

  • Measure your foot size according to the longest toe. Your toes should be able to move easily in the shoe. There should be a 1 cm gap between the shoe and your toes. While buying shoes ask for wider, narrower or half size number models that will fit your feet perfectly. Do not forget your shoe size may change with your age. Your foot sizes may differ from each other. Your feet can swell during the day, go shopping for shoes as late as possible.The best time to try and buy shoes is afternoon, evening or after sport. Because these are the best time zones where your feet are the biggest.
  • Look for a curved surface and supportive insoles that cradles the arch of your foot. Go to the shoe store and try them walk around, then you can go online and look for the best price offer
  • Try wearing flexible running shoes if your medical facility allows it. Some may allow more flexibility regarding the types of footwear you’re allowed to wear at working hours. If you aren’t sure what you can wear ask your supervisor or human resources, or check the dress code at your healthcare facility.
  • Change between two different pairs of shoes. Some nurses have stated that changing between two different pairs of shoes during their work shift provides them with the best comfort.
  • If you are dealing with back pains or specific medical conditions than having two pairs of shoes may help you find a balance during long work hours where you might find yourself working in various departments/areas throughout the day. Having two pairs of shoes also lets your feet to vary their arch and position in the shoe, which can give some rest to other parts of your feet.
  • You can see a podiatrist or foot doctor that can examine your feet with any possible medical issues that may be adding to your physical discomfort. Diagnose and treatment can enhance your health and reduce back, leg and foot pain.
  • After spending many weeks, months or years walking on a hard floor you may begin to see signs of illnesses on your body that could result from choosing nursing shoes that don’t work well for your daily work routine. You may not feel any pain or discomfort at first. A podiatrist or foot doctor can help with these issues before they show up or get worse.
  • Choose function over design. You may love those designer shoes or clogs that goes perfect with your scrubs, but they’re not worth wearing if they cause foot discomfort and pain. If you can find both fashion and function then buy it (like the adidas ASMC Barricade designed by Stella McCartney), but not at the price of leg, joint or back pain. The shoes reviewed in this article offer many styles and designs that can give you both the function and fashion you want.
  • The price of the nursing shoes you purchase should not be your first concern. It’s much more important to look at the advantage they offer and select the shoes that will give you with the best long term support.
  • A good pair of nursing shoes will be on your feet 2, 4 or more years and give you with excellent comfort. If you have to go through a few pairs of cheaper shoes instead of having a pair of best fit, high-quality nursing shoes, it may cause waste of money. It can also save you healthcare costs as cheap shoes can give stress and health loss.But there are of course overpriced shoes sold in the market because of their brand name, truly they have less benefits and features than cheap shoes.Do your research by reviewing each of your choices and obtain as much ideas as you can both online and offline before making a decision. Choose the best shoes you can to support you from the foundation up while at work, it is one of the best ways to give your poor tired and sore body a little relief.
  • Your feet are the basis of the rest of your body and this is why they play an enormously important role in everything that happens above them. The design of the foot is a perfect thing. Leonardo da Vinci said it in 14th century: “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” Sure, we've all got ten toes and two heels, but beyond that, feet come in a variety of shapes and knowing your foot's special quirks is key to choosing the right pair of shoes. Well known brands now offer a model to suit every foot type. Most people who have aches and pains in their feet or legs will have feet that over pronate or under-pronate. One method to see your level of foot pronation and, finally foot and gait type is by testing your arch. The most simple way to get an idea of your arch is by using the “Wet Test.” When you get out of the shower look at the outline that your wet foot makes on the floor or the bath mat. If you have a low arch (flat feet or over-pronator), you should choose Motion Control Shoes. If you have a normal arch (neutral pronation), you should choose Stability Shoes. If you have a high arch (under-pronator), you should choose Cushioned Shoes. You can check your old shoes and see where on the sole they show the most wear, on the inner edge of the sole would be a sign of this problem, and wear on the outer edge of the sole would mean under-pronation. People tend to assume that if their feet or knees are hurting, they should have more cushioning at their feet. In reality what they need is the opposite of this. Most of these people have feet with over-pronation. Adding more cushioning, stabilizing the foot with a very supportive shoe will offer needed comfort.
  • The more your weight is, the more force you will generate each time you put a step. Your knees and feet will get damaged over years. A heavier person needs a shoe that offers memory foam cushioning for shock elimitation and stability for comfort.
  • Your job requires constant movement back and forth between patients. When you should get new shoes? You should get rid of your shoes on every 500 miles or 800 kilometers. For a nurse working forty hours per week on her feet, this equates to about a couple of times a year, every six months for instance. It can be every three or four months, for those who are weighty or who have pain or injury. They might need to change their shoes even more frequently. Knee pain, shin splints, heel pain, hip pain or back pain is often caused by the age and/or kilometers of their shoes. Shoes can seem to be in good condition but fail to give proper support, this is mostly a reason for a new injury. For those with excessive pronation, severe bunions or a leg length discrepancy, a good shoe may not be enough and a custom orthotic insert may be advised. Orthotics can examine muscles in your lower leg and foot to help stabilize the foot and give back its normal function to both your feet. Get advice from your healthcare center about the best options for your feet.
  • Nurses don’t need the same kind of foot protection that someone would need in construction sector, but there is some work environment risks that shoes for nursing should protect against. Shoes with an open toe is a bad choice, it is usually against hospital or healthcare center policies in this field. An upper made from nearly see-through mesh would not be an excellent choice either. The nursing has its own list of risks to be cautious about such as trip risks, plenty of healthcare equipment to bump into, bodily liquids, and we can’t forget to mention the risk of illnesses that pass through blood contact. Many reasons to have the right type of upper construction in the chosen shoes. If you work with biological hazardous materials, they do not protect your feet from accidental spills therefore you should consider carefully before buying shoes with these materials.
  • When buying shoes, you should also look for models which have a low heel, but not flat. You will benefit from the slight heel elevation. This parameter is also called “heel-to-toe” drop, which is often mentioned in athletic shoe description. Good nursing shoe should have 4mm “heel-to-toe” drop and higher. Choosing models with wide toe-box for additional comfort.
  • Rest in between your shifts. Nurses are at a high risk for foot and leg problems because they don’t have much down time. More sick days are used by nurses every year due to lower limb disorders, and this includes injuries from improper foot care.
  • Before you buy a new shoe, be sure to check your old shoe and have an idea about your footsteps. By placing your old shoe on the table and looking from the back, you can determine whether your shoe is bended inside or out. If there is such a problem, you should choose a shoe that controls or restricts the movement of the foot inside and out.

In this article I’ve covered a range of footwear options. As you’ve seen, there’s quite a variety available. So, which do you choose? The Puma and the Adidas Stella McCartney are probably the most fashionable. They’ve also got the most options for styles and colors. The Skechers are also simple and elegant. They’re more cushioned than the Dr. Comfort. The Reeboks are easily cleaned and sanitized, and are reasonably well-cushioned.

Contrary to what you think, there is not a single nursing tennis shoe model for everyone. In other words, you do not have to spend hours trying to "go for the best nursing shoe" because there is no such a model. Tennis shoes are manufactured according to the steps of the people and the foot shapes. In other words, a tennis shoe model that gives positive results for a certain person may not provide any benefit to another person. You have to make a personal choice here and it is important that you take into account your physical characteristics when making this selection.

Applying all of the above information correctly, choosing the shoes that best fit your feet and your needs will prevent your injuries and provide you with the extra motivation while pursuing a career in healthcare.

Happy nurses tennis shoe shopping!

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