Posted on November 2, 2020

What are Bunions?

BUNIONSBunions help Melbourne (also know as Hallux Abducto-valgus deformity) are a common bony deformity in the feet, that range from a minor structural change with no discomfort to severe deformity accompanied by debilitating pain.

Bunions are a large bump or exostosis on either the inside or outside of the foot caused by deviation of the bones around the ball of the foot.

They are caused by a variety of factors including genetics, tight or narrow footwear, high-heeled footwear or poor foot mechanics.

Whilst bunions more commonly present in the middle-aged to elderly population, they can also be seen in children and teenagers.



How can Bunions be treated?

The goal of treatment for bunions is to reduce pain and prevent further deformity. This can be done with footwear modifications, orthotics and padding options. Pain can also be limited with rest, ice and medications. It is also important to treat any other pathologies such as corns and callouses resulting from the structural change of the foot.

As bunions are a structural change around the big toe joint effecting the position of the bones, the only way to change the alignment is through surgery. Whilst surgery is usually seen as a 'last resort' treatment, it may be the best course of action in some individuals depending on the degree of deformity, pain and activity levels.

Bunion Treatment Plan

Leah can determine the factors which are aggravating your bunions and design the best treatment plan to ensure your feet are comfortable and your bunions are not holding you back. When bunions are assessed and managed in the early stages of the deformity, you are most likely to prevent the progression and avoid the need for surgery in the future.


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