Ideas for the creating the perfect Podiatry Clinic Name

Posted in Podiatry, Uncategorized on September 22, 2017

Wow – it’s been a busy, busy month! It feels like I have been working every second of every day.

You see, next month I open my very first Melbourne Podiatry Clinic [more information about that soon]. After working as a Podiatrist for many years, for some really great people, I decided the timing and opportunity were right for me to open my very own clinic. I’ve agreed to rent a room, in an already established Physiotherapy Clinic, which is in close proximity to the local shops and a doctor’s surgery. This way it’s a little less scary than going completely out on my own.

So I have been busy deciding which chair to buy, comparing prices of podiatry medical suppliers, reading about the different types of sterilising equipment and looking at all the cool office furniture you can get!

I’ve also decided on which patient billing system to use, investigated eftpos machines, evaluated phone/internet plans and come up with a business name to register.

By far the most difficult task of the whole clinic setup has been too come up with a business name for my podiatry clinic. I’m not the most creative person in the world and it always seems like the best catchy names are already taken!

I knew I didn’t want to use my own name for the business, in case I ended up hiring other people to work with me.

What's more I didn’t want to use the suburb location of the clinic, ‘Melbourne Podiatry’, in the name either in case I end up moving suburbs in the future.

The name had to be clever, but not too daggy. It’s a medical clinic at the end of the day, so the name has to resonate with the idea of professional podiatrist’s providing accurate and appropriate foot care.

To help you generate the business name for your podiatry clinic, I have provided a list of Podiatry Clinic name ideas I came up with. The list may seem a bit exhaustive. But the hope is the list will help you generate some ideas for your own clinic.

Before using any of these names, please double check with your relevant country regulations to see if these business names are registered or if the names have been trademarked already. If you have any good ideas you would like to share, please add a comment at the end of the list.

A Podiatry Centre
A Podiatry Clinic
Absolute Podiatry Clinic
Accelerate Podiatry
Adjust your feet Podiatry
Adult & Children Podiatry
Advanced Foot Pain Control
Advanced Health Care Podiatry
Advanced Podiatry Clinic
Advantage Podiatry
Affinity Podiatry
Align Podiatry
Alive and Well Podiatry
All About Podiatry
All Care Podiatry
Alliance Podiatry
Allied Podiatry
Allied Podiatry Clinic
Alternative Health Podiatry
Alternative Podiatry
Amazing Podiatry Clinic
Applied Podiatry Centre
Associated Podiatry Centre
Athletic Podiatry
Australian Podiatry
Avenue Podiatry Clinic
Balaced Care Podiatry
Balance Podiatry
Balanced Feet Podiatry
Balanced Podiatry Clinic
Best FootCare Podiatry
Better Feet Podiatry
Biomechanics Podiatry Centre
Body Foot & Soul Podiatry
Body Podiatry Clinic
Care Plus Podiatry
Care Podiatry Clinic
Careful Feet Podiatry
Caring Podiatry Clinic
Center for Podiatry
Children Podiatry Clinic
Community Podiatry Clinic
Complete Feet Podiatry
Comprehensive Foot Care Clinic
Contemporary Podiatry Clinic
Conventional Podiatry Clinic
Corrective Foot Clinic
Discover Healthy Feet Podiatry
Doctors Foot Podiatry
Downtown Podiatry
Dynamic Podiatry Clinic
Elite Podiatry
Essential Foot Podiatry
Family Podiatry Centre
Feet and Podiatry
First Feet Podiatry
Fit Feet Podiatry
Foot Injury Clinic
Foot Relief Podiatry
Foundation Podiatry Clinic
Genesis Podiatry
Good Feet Podiatry
Hands on Feet Podiatry
Happy Feet Podiatry
Health in Feet Podiatry
Healthy Feet Podiatry
Injured Foot Podiatry
Intergrity Podiatry
Lifestyle Podiatry Clinic
Living Well Podiatry
Loving Care Podiatry
Master's Podiatry Clinic
Mega Podiatry Clinic
Modern Podiatry Clinic
My Podiatry Clinic
Natural Podiatry
Next Step Podiatry
One Step Up Podiatry
Optima Poiduatry
Options for Feet
Pain Relief Feet
Painful Feet Podiatry
Patient First Podiatry
Peak Podiatry
Performance Podiatry
Podiatry Institute
Precision Foot Podiatry
Pro-Active Podiatry Clinic
Professional Foot Care Podiatyr
Progressive Podiatry
Quality Podiatry Clinic
Quantam Leap Podiatry
Rehab Foot Care
Selected Podiatry
Signature Podiatry Group
Specific Podiatry
Sports Foot Injury Clinic
Sports Podiatry Centre
Step Wise Podiatry
Stepping Forward Podiatry
Stepping Up Your Feet Podiatry
Synergy Podiatry
Team Podiatry
The Podiatry Clinic
Total Feet Podiatry
Total Foot Care
Total Podiatry
Ultimate Podiatry Centre
Vital Foot Care
Wellness Centre for Feet
Whole Podiatry Clinic
Your Feet Podiatry Clinic

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