Joint or Arthritis Foot Pain

Posted on November 2, 2020

Podiatrist's and Arthritis Foot Pain

Joint or Arthritis pain does not have to be any ongoing discomfort preventing you from enjoying exercise and activity. Appropriate assessment of function and mobility of your joints can enable Leah to design a treatment plan to reduce you symptoms and prevent further arthritic changes.

Arthritic or joint pain can be aggravated by numerous factors including exercise/mobility, footwear choices, foot structure and function or even the weather!

As we all have different foot structure and biomechanics it is important to individually assess each joint and movement as arthritis may change the structure and function of a joint. We need to ensure we are working within the limits of the joint, not trying to push it past it's capabilities.

Leah can work closely with your doctor to control your pain levels and enable you to stay active and comfortable. We can reduce the stress through your joints with the aid of cushioned innersoles and footwear, orthotics and gentle exercise.

Leah can also discuss different exercise options which enable you to stay fit without exacerbating pain.

Where required Leah can refer to other practitioners for physiotherapy, massage or pilates, to further improve your quality of movement and reduce discomfort.

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