Podiatrist Black Rock, Victoria

Posted on March 19, 2012

Are you looking for a Podiatrist in Black Rock?

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Podiatrist Leah Waters is able to provide podiatric treatments, from the Pivotal Podiatry Clinic, corner of Nepean hwy and South rd Hampton East. Just a short drive from Black Rock. Podiatrists are dedicated to the treatment and diagnosis of ankle and foot issues. If you have had a foot issue that has not been resolved by a GP, you can visit a Podiatrist.

Here are several of the foot and ankle health problems that a podiatrist Black Rock can treat.

  • Help correct breaks, bunions, hammer toes, clawed toes, ruptured Achilles, difficulties with muscles and ligaments.
  • Prescribe orthotics to aid structural alignments.
  • Provide treatments for nail and skin infections.
  • Treat ingrown nails, corns, calluses, planter fascilitis and heel pain.

You dont need a refferal recommended from your GP to see a podiatrist Black Rock, for an assesment of your foot or ankle issue, phone us at Hampton East (03) 9939 3339

Pivotal Podiatry Clinic

844 Nepean Hwy
Hampton East
(03) 9939 3339



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