Podiatrists Guide to the Best Orthotics 2018

Posted on February 3, 2018

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I'm Leah Waters, and I'm a Podiatrist and owner of the Pivotal Podiatry Clinic.

When it comes to buying off the shelf orthotics from a Chemist, there is a lot of choice and it can be hard to know which are the best orthotics to buy. The good things is that I've taken the time to review the best orthotics to help you make the right decision for the foot problem you're trying to solve with orthotics. 

As a Podiatrist I've seen thousands of patients over the years with foot problems that need orthotics as part of their treatment plan. I've seen a lot of good over the counter orthotics and I've seen plenty of bad ones. 

Best OTC orthotics. 

Best Orthotics 2018

The orthotics that come from manufacturers now vary quite widely in quality and function. They are safe to be used, but you need to ensure that the intended purpose of the orthotic matches your foot condition. 
For the average consumer, find the best orthotics in the market can be very difficult, just considering the amount of choice out there! To address this problem, I'm going to talk about the best orthotics that are available in the market to be purchased with out a prescription from a Podiatrist or Doctor. These orthotics are available from different companies and have different functionality in order to treat different foot conditions. 

So, let's take a look at all the top orthotics 2018. 

Orthotics name material function LENGTH  
Orthotics Lab 22
(my top choice!)
E.V.A. and cushioning Durapontex Corrects over-pronation, fallen arches and flat feet 3/4  
Ozzie Orthotics Comfort EVA, medium density Plantar Fasciitis support 3/4  
Global Orthotics PVC Corrects flat feet Full   
Mega Orthotics II EVA and leather surface flat feet 3/4  


1. Orthotics Lab 22 - Best Orthotics to Buy in 2018

The first over the counter orthotics that we're going to review today is the "Orthotics Lab 22". They are produced by "Orthotics Lab" which is one of the leading manufacturer's of orthotics in the business and they have produced many different orthotic models over the years. 
The "Lab 22" is the tope of the range model because it has features that you will need in a good pair of orthotics. 


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