Diabetic Foot Care Melbourne

Posted on May 18, 2017

Leah here to talk to you about foot care for patients with Diabetes.

Read below to find out more about how diabetes relates to your feet and the treatment available to diabetic patients in Melbourne. 

Diabetes and Feet

People who suffer from either Type 1 (insulin dependent) or Type 2 (non-insulin dependent) Diabetes are at increased risk of foot concerns due to effect of high sugar levels on the feet.

When the sugar or glucose levels are regularly elevated or stay elevated for a long time the nerves and blood vessels in the body undergo damage.

Changes or damage to these structures are usually noted first in the extremities or feet.

The effect of diabetes on your feet

Diabetes can result in a loss of feeling or sensation in the feet and reduced blood flow.

This becomes a huge issue when loss of sensation limits our ability to detect injury - such as a blister or sore developing on the foot.

Once injury has occurred, if there is a lack of blood flow it is unlikely the wound will heal, creating an ongoing problem and portal of entry for infection.

Worst case scenario, this can lead to amputation.

Podiatrists treatment of Diabetic patients

Through annual screening of Neurological and Vascular complications in the Diabetic Foot including use of Doppler Ultrasound, plus regular foot care we can reduce the risk of these complications and implement treatment in the early stages if changes do occur.

You may also be covered for rebates through Medicare with a referral from your GP if you suffer from Diabetes.

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