Podiatirst Shoe Prescription and Advice

Posted on July 9, 2011

Leah here to talk to you about Podiatrists helping you to choose the right footwear


Podiatrist Footwear Presciption

PODIATRISTS are qualified to prescribe the appropriate athletic footwear.

We can take into consideration your foot type and the needs of your chosen sport or activity.

I have worked extensively in retail sporting footwear industry (Active Feet and Athletes Foot) and continue to stay updated with the latest footwear technology. My footwear knowledge extends over a variety of sports and brands.

I can perform analysis and help select the appropriate shoe for a person’s activity, biomechanics, injury history and foot structure.

Not just running shoes!

Podiatrists dont only provide advice on shoes used in sporting activities.

I can also recommend options for dress, work or casual shoes appropriate for orthotics and foot function.

Ineventiably we spend the majority of our lives in work shoes, so this can be the cause of discomfort. I find some people also need wider or deeper shoes for their foot type. I can recommend more customised options for these people. Referring you for custom made footwear when required.

Recommended footwear retailers (mostly Australian)

I often end up taking my friends on shopping trips for new shoes that are okay for their feet. Here is a list of shops that I find useful for all sorts of feet.

  • Active Feet - www.activefeet.com.au
    Run by some of Melbourne's leading sports podiatrists.

    They provide a detailed treadmill/gait analysis to determine the most appropriate footwear option for your foot posture and activity. Range of shoes includes athletic, cross-training, pureist and tech-walking.

  • Bared Footwear - www.bared.com.au
    Who said that shoes that were good for your feet, had to be ugly?

    Bared Shoes was created by former Podiatrist Anna Baird to provide women with good looking shoes, that are also good for your feet! If you find it hard buying comfortable womens work shoes, then this is the place for you.

    I know this is where I send all my friends when they are looking for good shoes.

  • Ecco Footwear - www.ecco.com
    Great quality leather shoes that provide the needed function and support.
  • Ziera - www.zierashoes.com
  • The Athletes Foot - www.theathletesfoot.com.au
    Extensive range of sports footwear for many different sports. They also stock studded boots for football and soccer.
  • Rosenburg Shoes - www.rosenburgshoes.com.au
  • Extra Depth Footwear - www.extradepthfootwear.com.au

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