Sports Podiatrist

Posted on July 9, 2011

Sports Podiatrist injury foot problemsSports Podiatry and Injuries

I can assess and treat any injury to the foot and lower limb.

With participation in sports constantly increasing, within our community, there is a high incidence of associated injuries.

These injuries can affect anyone from the 'weekend warrior' to professional athletes.

It is important to obtain an accurate history and diagnosis with any sports injury as the body is often subjected to a great amount of force and surfaces, positions and the particular sport can have a huge impact on the extent of the injury.

Management of Sports Injuries

To appropriately manage sports injury all contributing factors must be identified and addressed to ensure prevention of further injury in future.

These factors may include biomechanical or structural insufficiencies or simply training errors. I can identify the damaged structures – often utilizing imaging techniques such as x-ray or ultrasound, whilst also determining the severity of the injury.

Treatment of a sports injury also includes a functional restoration program to ensure full strength and mobility of the injured area prior to returning to full sporting activity.

Refering Sports Injury patients

If needed, I can also refer to other health practitioners such as physiotherapists, massage therapists and sports physicians where required. I have a special interest in the management of runners and dancers.

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