Surgical Podiatry

Posted on July 9, 2011

surgical podiatrist

Leah here to talk to you about surgical podiatry

What is Surgical Podiatry?

Surgical Podiatry includes the removal of ingrown toenails under local anaesthesia.

Why would I need Surgical Podiatry?

Where an individual has an ongoing problem with ingrown toenails, the problem section of nail can be permanently removed with a surgical procedure called a Partial Nail Avulsion.

This is a simple surgical procedure undertaken under local anesthetic in the clinic.

It involves removal of the problem section of nail right from the nail base and then application of phenol, a chemical which prevents the nail from growing back.

Referals for further Surgery

Where needed, I can also refer to Podiatric Surgeons or Orthopaedic Surgeons for individuals who require surgical intervention for foot injuries or alignment concerns.

Common procedures undertaken by Podiatric surgeons include the correction of bunion deformities, removal of bony lumps or exostosis, removal of neuroma and ganglions or reconstructive surgery of the foot.

I can discuss these options with you if required and refer you to an appropriate surgeon for your needs. 

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