Stress Fractures Feet

Posted on November 2, 2020

How are Foot Stress Fractures caused?

How foot stress fractures occur

Stress fractures are an overuse injury to the bony structures in the foot.

There is usually no associated event or injury corresponding with the onset of pain which often gradually increases over a period of weeks to months.

Symptoms usually present as a dull ache, however can also be a throbbing or sharp pain.

Pain can be aggravated by exercise and is commonly noticed as an aching sensation at night, during activity or on first weightbearing after periods of rest. The onset of pain is often associated with a rapid change in activity type or intensity.

Frequently people with stress fractures have recently started a new activity, such as running or personal training, or rapidly increased there amount of training prior to an event. Poor foot posture, foot structure, footwear and training surfaces can also increase the likelihood of developing as stress fracture.

Our bones are constantly undergoing a re-modelling and re-building process throughout our day to day life. Stress fractures occur when too much stress is applied to bone at a vulnerable point in this process, leading to the micro-fracture of bones. Other factors such as hormone levels, rapid weight loss, diet and phases in menstrual cylces can also influence the development of a stress fracture.

Diagnosis of Foot Stress Fractures

Early diagnosis of stress fractures is important as if left untreated a full fracture of the bone can result. Diagnosis involves clinical assessment along with the use of imaging such as X-Ray, bone scan or CT Scan.

Treatment of Foot Stress Fractures

Treatment of stress factures depends on the location, severity and causative factors for the individual. Leah can assess your training history, gait and biomechanics, plus footwear and other contributing factors to determine the best course of treatment of you, as well as reducing your risk of further stress fracture.


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