Posted on November 2, 2020

Badly blistered foot
Severe Blister above the base of the heel

How do we get Blisters?

SO often blisters are simply a nuisanse that flair up, after wearing a brand a new pair of shoes.

However for many people (particularly the sporting population) they are a chronic concern that are not only uncomfortable but can be debilitating and result in retiring early from events.

They can also be a huge source of concern in the diabetic population as a source of injury and infection.

What is a Blister exactly?

Blisters are basically an overuse injury to the skin. Blisters are caused by friction – sometimes caused by footwear, and can become very painful! Blister management considers prevention blisters, rather than providing a cure. There is little we can do for blisters once they have developed such as padding and dressings to offload the area and reduce pain levels.

How can we avoid getting Blisters?

The best scenario is to aim to avoid the occurrence of blisters with prevention techniques such as avoiding footwear with prominent seams, ensuring feet remain dry and correctly fitted footwear that is appropriate to your activity. Technical socks that offer moisture management and padding can be very useful and also lacing techniques to reduce movement within shoes.

Leah has seen and treated some incredibly painful and nasty blisters at Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne events in previous years and has plenty of tricks up her sleeve to help you beat this common yet painful problem.

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