Biomechanical Gait and Running Analysis[Treadmill Video]

Posted on July 9, 2011

Leah here to talk to you about Gait Running Analysis

What is Gait Analysis?

Treadmill used for gait analysis

From toddlers walking intoed, children complaining of leg or heel pain, to athletes with recurrent lower limb overuse injuries.

Video assessment of gait may be the key to identifying abnormal forces affecting the joints or soft tissues which may be contributing to lower limb pain or instability.

I can not only assess your gait in various different shoes and orthotics, but call also assess you at different speeds depending on your activity.

What is Treadmill Gait Analysis?

Treadmill gait analysis enables Leah to see you jogging or running and identify any changes or insufficiencies in your running gait pattern compared to walking.

Forces are increased with increased speed so while the foot posture may look relatively neutral at walking pace there may be a large amount of pronation or rolling in at speed.

These factors need to be assessed and addressed to ensure injury and injury risk is limited in the athletic population.

By utilising video in this process Leah is also able to then point out these biomechanical concerns to you and even compare differences in shoes or orthotics with the use of computerised programs.


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